Level 2 Safeguarding Children Training



About Safeguarding Children Training Course

Safeguarding is a topic that must be taken seriously and prioritised by anyone who has regular contact with children in any capacity. Recent research indicates that while the statistical likelihood of a child being neglected or abused is low, mistreatment is still prevalent in today’s society.

Safeguarding is a collective responsibility shared by everyone who works with or comes into contact with children regularly. Safeguarding is only effective when everyone plays their part, from teachers to educational support staff to nurses to caregivers. It is the right of every child to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment where they are protected from physical or emotional abuse.

In this Level 2 Safeguarding Children Training Course, you will learn the fundamentals of safeguarding, such as recognizing when a child is at risk of abuse, the national safeguarding framework, how to make a referral, and when to report your safeguarding concerns. By the end of this  Course, you will have a thorough understanding of the key principles of child safeguarding and safeguarding laws and how to take appropriate action if you suspect a case of abuse or neglect.

Enrol on this Level 2 Safeguarding Children Training Course today and discover the essential skills and knowledge needed to keep the children in your care safe at all times.


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