Diploma in Special Education Needs (SEN)




About Diploma in Special Education Needs (SEN)

Special Education Needs (SEN) refers to children who have learning disabilities or issues that make it difficult for them to learn compared to other children of the same age. Specially designed institutes and learning environments are made available to students with special education needs in order to assist them in overcoming their learning disabilities and achieving success. A career in the SEN field may be ideal for those who enjoy working with and assisting children with learning disabilities. Many children will require special education needs at some point during their academic years. As a result, a career in the SEN field can be both rewarding and progressive.

This exclusive Diploma in Special Education Needs (SEN) course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for a career in special education. This diploma will teach you everything you need to know about SEN and its importance in society. You will learn about the various ways in which schools provide services to children with special needs. You will also gain a thorough understanding of a SENCO’s roles and responsibilities. This diploma will further educate you on behavioural issues and common SEN conditions found in schools.


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