About ADHD Awarness

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic disease. It affects millions of children and often continues into adulthood. Do you or someone you know suffer from ADHD? Do you find yourself easily sidetracked, forgetful, or disorganised, and do you struggle to focus on chores for an extended amount of time? If this is the case, you are not alone.

We comprehend the difficulties of living with ADHD and the impact it can have on your everyday life at our ADHD Awareness Course. That is why we have created a comprehensive course. To assist you in better understanding the condition and learning useful methods to control your symptoms.

Benefits Of The ADHD Awareness Course

There are numerous advantages to completing an ADHD awareness training, including:

  • Improved Understanding: Attending an ADHD awareness training can help you acquire a better grasp of what ADHD is and how it affects people’s lives. You’ll learn about the distinct symptoms and how they manifest in various ways, as well as the possible causes and risk factors for having ADHD.
  • Better Communication: If you have a better knowledge of ADHD, you may be better able to interact with people who have it or with others who are affected by it. You will learn effective communication techniques as well as how to establish a helpful and understanding atmosphere.
  • Enhanced Empathy: Attending an ADHD awareness training can help you develop more sensitivity for those who are suffering from the condition. You will learn about the challenges and frustrations that individuals with ADHD experience, as well as how to support them.
  • Improved Management Tactics: If you or someone you know suffers from ADHD, an ADHD awareness training can provide you with useful hints and strategies for handling your symptoms. You’ll discover how medication, therapy, and behavioural adjustments can help people with ADHD live more fruitful and satisfying lives.
  • Unlocking your Potential
  • You’ll acquire the information and skills you need to live a more focused, organised, and fulfilling life with our complete programme, experienced teachers, and engaging learning tools.

Don’t let ADHD limit you any longer. Enrol in our ADHD Awareness Course today to get started on an improved future!

Who should take the ADHD Awareness Course

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Recent graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • Anyone interested in this topic
  • People who are already working in this field and want to improve their knowledge and skill.

Why choose this course from school of health care?

  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Instant e-certificate and hard copy dispatch by 10 working days.
  • Course material developed by qualified professionals.
  • Self-paced learning is accessible via laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • 24/7 Learning assistance and tutor support.
  • No hidden fees or exam charges.
  • Discounts on bulk purchases.

Assessment Method

After completing each module, you will get MCQ quizzes to assess your learning. You will move through the later modules upon successful completion (60% correct answer at least) of the quiz test. This process continues till the end of the course. Apart from this, you do not need to sit for any other assessments.


After completing the ADHD awarness course, you can instantly download your certificate for FREE. The hard copy of the certification will also be delivered to your doorstep via post, which will cost £13.99 (if claimed by the learner). All of our courses are reviewed regularly to ensure their quality and provide appropriate current training for your chosen subject. Although certificates do not expire (in most cases), it is recommended that they be reviewed or renewed annually.

Course Curriculum

01: Overview of ADHD
Overview of ADHD 00:23:00
Module 01 Final Quiz – Overview of ADHD 00:10:00
02: The Experience of Treatment and Care for ADHD
The Experience of Treatment and Care for ADHD 00:32:00
Module 02 Final Quiz – The Experience of Treatment and Care for ADHD 00:10:00
03: Families and ADHD
Families and ADHD 00:18:00
Module 03 Final Quiz – Families and ADHD 00:10:00
04: Psychological Interventions for Children with ADHD in Educational Settings and Parent Training
Psychological Interventions for Children with ADHD in Educational Settings and Parent Training 00:16:00
Module 04 Final Quiz – Psychological Interventions for Children with ADHD in Educational Settings and Parent Training 00:10:00
05: ADHD and Attention Difficulties
ADHD and Attention Difficulties 00:11:00
Module 05 Final Quiz – ADHD and Attention Difficulties 00:10:00
06: Cognitive Approaches in ADHD
Cognitive Approaches in ADHD 00:20:00
Module 06 Final Quiz – Cognitive Approaches in ADHD 00:10:00
07: The Organisation of Care for ADHD
The Organisation of Care for ADHD 00:34:00
Module 07 Final Quiz Exam – The Organisation of Care for ADHD 00:10:00

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  2. 5

    I have learnt much from this course and improved on my knowledge. It also made me understand learning difficulties some individual may encountered.

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    Informative and easy to navigate