Level 7 Construction Management





This course starts with the basics of construction management and then takes the students to the higher level of construction and introduces the learners to different aspects of the construction industry and construction project management. This course will add value to your CV and increase the possibility of getting hired by a construction firm.

This course will benefit learners by teaching them about construction project management, construction site management, and tools and techniques for estimating a construction management project in the construction industry. The demand for professional qualifications in the construction industry is increasing, and construction firms are hiring professionals. In addition, with this comprehensive online course, learners will be able to develop new skills and improve their existing skills.

This course gives students an intensive yet digestible introduction to the contemporary construction sector and its key contributors. Enrol in this advanced-level course and develop the practical skills, knowledge and confidence to step into the construction management profession as a capable leader.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this Level 7 Construction Management course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance and features of this course.
  • Describe how to use methods like project life cycle management, site audit, and cost management.
  • Plan, procure, purchase, and manage material and equipment.
  • Take a broad look at human resource management and on-site interactions.
  • Describe risk and value management, as well as health and wellness.


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