Level 2 Certificate In Facial Services




Overview Of Level 2 Certificate In Facial Services

The primary goal of this Level 2 Certificate In Facial Services course is to give learners the practical and theoretical skills required to deliver facial skincare treatments to the general public and seek work in the beauty therapy business. This course is designed for students who wish to work in the facial services-related business. The following are the primary competencies that the student will showcase: Facial-services include facial consultation, skin analysis, washing, massage, mask application and removal, therapy adaptation to the client’s needs, and aftercare instructions.

This Level 2 Certificate In Facial Services course will teach the students to also get a thorough understanding of associated health and safety, client care and communication, and working with people in beauty-related sectors, all of which are required to work and succeed in the facial services business. This course also includes the related knowledge and understanding required to perform the beauty treatments listed above, as well as understanding the structures you are working on, specifically recognition of skin types, skin diseases and disorders, and reasons that may impact whether or not a client should be treated. This Level 2 Certificate In Facial Services course makes opportunities for learners to concentrate on expanding their abilities in a facial-services-related field, such as interaction with clients, working with colleagues, and problem-solving.


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