Level 2 Award in the Prevention and Control of Infection




About Prevention and Control of Infection

Infection poses a significant risk to patients, caregivers, and staff in a healthcare setting. An infection can cause distress, harm, and impair the quality of life and healthcare experiences if effective infection prevention and control approaches are not used. In addition, often infection requires the use of additional, costly resources to treat. As a result, infection prevention must be a top priority for all staff groups working in a healthcare system.

This Level 2 Award in the Prevention and Control of Infection course teaches you how to effectively prevent and control the spread of infection, which is vital in ensuring that individuals do not unintentionally cause illness in their family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else with whom they come into contact.

By the end of this course, you will better understand how to prevent and control the spread of infection in the workplace and at home. You will also learn how to identify different types of infections.

Learning Objectives Of Prevention And Control Of Infection

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the responsibilities of healthcare organisations in terms of current infection prevention and control legislation.
  • Know how to obtain information about infection prevention and control within the organisation.
  • Know the term healthcare-associated infections.
  • Understand the chain of infection and how this informs infection prevention and control practice.
  • Understand the routes of transmission of microorganisms.
  • Understand individual roles and responsibilities for the three levels of decontamination.
  • Use single-use items appropriately.
  • Conduct a risk assessment in respect of ensuring infection prevention and control.
  • Know how to manage patients with specific alert organisms safely.
  • Explain different alert organisms and conditions that pose an infection risk.


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