Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health




About Nutrition and Health

Do you want to improve your eating habits but are not sure where to begin? Or does the idea of giving athletes nutritional advice appeal to you? No matter your goals, this comprehensive Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health can provide you with a wealth of information that will enable you to understand nutrition and develop healthier eating habits. You will gain a better understanding of the growing obesity problem as well as how to assist others and create effective dietary plans.

Enrolling in our Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health can be your first step toward changing how you view and interact with food.

This Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health covers a wide range of topics, including food and nutrition information for a healthy diet, individual nutritional needs, and exploring the principles of healthy eating. The elderly are suffering from health problems nowadays; even young people appear to be suffering from health problems. This could be a direct result of poor nutrition and unhealthy eating habits. The Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health focuses heavily on this aspect of healthy eating and why it is crucial for everyone to understand the types of nutrition and vitamins that go into eating a well-balanced meal.


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