Fire Safety Level 2




About The Course

Fire safety training is a legal requirement for all businesses in the UK, and every employee must be adequately trained on the fundamentals of fire safety. This exclusive Fire Safety Level 2 course provides a thorough overview of the fundamentals of fire safety and the legislation that all employers in the UK are required to follow. Our Fire Safety Level 2 course will assist you in meeting this requirement by providing your employees with knowledge and understanding of all key information regarding workplace fire safety.

The Fire Safety Level 2 course will help you learn from the ground up and advance to a higher level of professionalism. As you may know, having good fire safety skills is important as it establishes trust and professionalism in the health and safety of the workplace. So, if you want to learn various Fire Safety skills, then this Fire Safety Level 2 course is ideal for you.

Learning Objectives

After completing this Fire Safety Level 2 course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of fire safety legislation.
  • Explain the legal requirements for workplace safety.
  • Ensure the workplace complies with fire safety regulations.
  • Understand the components and causes of fire.
  • Know the responsibilities of everyone for eliminating or reducing fire hazards in the workplace.
  • Understand the necessity of a fire risk assessment.
  • Protect people and property from fire.
  • Explain the importance of an evacuation plan and key evacuation legislation.
  • Minimise the risk of a fire occurring.


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