Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness Diploma



About Abuse Awareness Diploma Course

Domestic violence is often overlooked as it takes place behind closed doors and is a social taboo that is rarely discussed. This must be stopped, and raising awareness, education, and intervening at the earliest stages are the most effective ways to address this issue. This Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness Diploma will provide you with a thorough understanding of domestic violence and abuse. Also, this course help people who are most vulnerable and how to assist both adult and child victims.

The Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness Diploma course discusses the physical, mental and emotional impact that domestic abuse and violence have on victims. In this Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness Diploma, you’ll look at the barriers and unique challenges that some abuse victims face, the long-term repercussions, how financial abusers maintain control over their victims even after separation, and the impact domestic abuse can have on society, both socially and financially. Domestic abuse has devastating effects on children, whether they are the direct target of the abuse. In this Domestic Violence and Abuse Awareness Diploma, you’ll learn about the various types of abuse a child may face, what warning signs to look for, and the long-term physical and mental health effects abuse has on children at various stages of development.


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