Diploma in Counselling and Psychology



About The Course

Counselling and Psychology addresses cultural diversity, interpersonal and family relationships, vocational adjustment, and rehabilitation from a developmental perspective. Psychologists address individual, couple, family, community, and workplace problems in this field. Vocational counselling, substance abuse, rehabilitation, education, marital and family therapy, and community mental health are the most common specialities in counselling and psychology.

This Diploma in Counselling and Psychology course aims to provide you with in-depth knowledge of Counselling and Psychology. Learn how to help people deal with personal and professional difficulties. There are numerous opportunities to work in well-known institutions and companies. Enrol in our course today to become a human mind expert and take the first step toward a psychologist or counsellor career.

Learning Outcomes of Diploma in Counselling and Psychology

After completing this Diploma in Counselling and Psychology, the learner will be able to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of counselling.
  • Understand the therapeutic relationship.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge about positive psychology.
  • Understand psychoanalytic therapy.
  • Understand person‐centred therapy.
  • Understand Adlerian therapy.
  • Understand psychoanalytic therapy.
  • Understand Gestalt Therapy & cognitive‐behaviour therapy.
  • Understand family therapy & feminist therapy.

Who Should Take Diploma In Counselling And Psychology Course?

This Diploma in Counselling and Psychology is designed for anyone who wants to gain knowledge in counselling and psychology.


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