Level 5 Health and Safety at Work




About Health and Safety at Work

Every year, workplace accidents and injuries cost businesses millions of dollars and thousands of hours. They also have a significant and often lifelong impact on workers. Introducing a safety culture into your organisation, where safety is valued as an integral part of business operations, saves time and money and builds a committed, loyal, and healthy workforce. Our Level 5 Health & Safety at Work course will lay the foundation for you to start building a safety culture.

This course covers a broad introduction to workplace health and safety, along with the value of establishing a safe working culture. Students will also learn to ensure their respective businesses and workplaces comply with all relevant laws and legislation. The Level 5 Health & Safety at Work provides lessons, modules, and quizzes to gain knowledge, and at the end, a Professional Certificate that assists in career development in professional life.

Learning Objectives Of Health And Safety At Work

After completing this course, the learner will be able to –

  • Understand the value and importance of workplace health and safety.
  • Investigate the consequences of bad health and safety.
  • Investigate common occupational health and safety issues.
  • Recognize and mitigate potential workplace risks.
  • Understand the responsibilities and roles of supervisors and staff in terms of organisational health and safety.
  • Ensure that the workplace is healthy and clean.


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