Level 2 Certificate in Employability Skills



About The Employability Skills Course

Employability is a broad field that requires a specific skill set in order to be successful in professional life. This Level 2 Certificate in Employability Skills course is designed to help learners develop and improve workplace skills, and increase learners’ confidence and communication skills to prepare them for employment or a change in employment. The course is ideal for both newcomers in a field and professionals who already work in an organisational setting.

This Level 2 Certificate in Employability Skills course will increase your understanding of what employers are looking for when hiring new employees and how to make the most of your technical qualifications, skills, experience, and personal qualifications when applying for jobs.

The course is divided into modules and submodules to make it easier for learners to grasp the concept, beginning with fundamental knowledge and progressing to the most advanced level. The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of all aspects of Employability. Enrol today and start learning!

Learning Outcomes

After completing this Level 2 Certificate in Employability Skills course, you will be able to:

  • Understand a Mindset that can improve employability.
  • Know how to deal with your first days at work.
  • Recognise the key motivators and de-motivators that impact work situations.
  • Understand how to set your targets.
  • Understand how to manage time.
  • Know how to present yourself.
  • Know how to solve problems in a place of work.
  • Recognise creative thinking.
  • Know how to work in a team.
  • Know how to deal with conflict.
  • Gain a solid understanding of health, safety and security in the place of work.


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