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About Indian Head Massage Training

Whether you are new to the therapy world or already have a therapy background and want to expand your skills by using Indian Head Massage as an additional tool, this Indian Head Massage Training course is perfect for you. This Indian Head Massage Training course is designed to provide you with all of the tools you need to provide amazing Indian Head Massages to friends, family, clients, and everyone else!

Indian head massage is one of the most relaxing therapies for your client. Our exclusive Indian Head Massage Training course will teach you everything you need to know to completely relax your client! Indian head massage uses a combination of typical and traditional movements over the body’s tissues, muscles, scalp, and hair, assisting in grounding the recipient and encouraging a sense of relaxation, peace, and wellbeing throughout the body. The course covers Indian head massage, relevant anatomy, client consultation, treatment preparation, provision, and aftercare, as well as health and safety information.

Learning Outcomes of Indian Head Massage Training Course

After completing completing this course, learner will be able to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of Indian Head Massage
  • Understand Essential Anatomy and Physiology for Indian Head Massage
  • Understand Conditions Affecting the Head, Neck and Shoulders
  • Gain in-depth knowledge about consultation for Indian Head Massage
  • Understand Indian Head Massage Case Studies
  • Understand Indian Head Massage Techniques
  • Understand Stress Management
  • Understand Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards

Our course can be completed from any location using an internet-enabled device at your own pace. Enrolling in the course will ensure that you start your dream job sooner than you ever imagined. With this course, you can stand out from the crowd and train for the job you want.

Enrol in our course today and start learning!


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