Attachment Theory in the Early Years




About The Attachment Theory In The Early Years Course

Most, if not all, people’s attachments to others are at the center of their lives and play a significant role in determining how happy and content they are. In addition to promoting good mental health in young children, love, care is needed to enhance your confidence and build a healthy life. Only local guardians are not responsible, we all need to share our care for growing a child. This Attachment Theory in the Early Years covers how to build relationships with their parents, and the types of attachment. The course also covers attachment behaviors and controlling children’s needs, along with expert suggestions for the best ways to interact with children and their families. After completing this Attachment Theory in the Early Years course learners will be able to gain a depth of knowledge on how to get closer to a child in their early life. The learner will understand the concept of implementing attachment theory in real life.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the Attachment Theory in the Early Years course, the learner will be able to –

  • Understand the theory of attachment
  • Know the types of attachment
  • Learn how to control children’s behavior
  • Gain a deep knowledge of how to raise a child in their early life.

Who Should Take This Attachment Theory In The Early Years Course?

This Attachment Theory in the Early Years course is ideal for everyone who is concerned about children’s welfare, including professionals in early childhood environments.


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