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About Forensic Nursing Course

Our Forensic Nursing Course is designed to introduce forensic nurses to the legal system and investigate how they interact with all aspects of it. With this Course, you’ll be prepared to deal with the prevention, scientific investigation, treatment of victims of trauma and/or death, and the investigation and treatment of perpetrators of abuse, violence, criminal activity, and traumatic accidents.

Through this Forensic Nursing Course, you’ll learn about forensic sciences and the nurse’s role in forensic investigations. The Forensic Nursing Course will teach you how to work with forensic evidence in the field. You’ll also learn how to recognise injuries, collect evidence, and preserve it properly, including when used.

Learning Outcomes Of Forensic Nursing Course

After completing this Course, the learner will be able to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of Forensic Nursing.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Forensic Science 101.
  • Understand the neurobiology of trauma.
  • Understand victimisation and perpetration.
  • Know how to assess wounds and injury.
  • Understand the role of nurses in a correctional setting.
  • Understand the basic concepts of child maltreatment.
  • Know how to investigate a murder, assault and battery, stranger danger.
  • Know how to assess sexual violence.
  • Understand screening and examining for child abuse.
  • Gain a solid understanding of death investigation systems.
  • Understand basic principles of forensic documentation.
  • Understand trauma and trauma-informed care


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