Course Curriculum

Getting Started
A Brief Overview 00:10:00
Rules of Combination 00:20:00
Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships 00:25:00
Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches 00:30:00
Understanding and Using Inclusive Learning and Teaching Approaches 00:18:00
Understanding Assessment in Education and Training 00:25:00
1. Roles and Responsibilities
Understand the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training 00:35:00
Understand Ways to Maintain a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment 00:45:00
Understand the Relationship between Teachers and Other Professionals in Education and Training 00:30:00
2. Inclusive Teaching and Learning
Understand Inclusive Teaching and Learning in Education and Training 00:40:00
Understand Ways to Create an Inclusive Teaching and Learning Environment 00:40:00
Be Able to Plan an Inclusive Teaching and Learning 00:20:00
Be able to deliver inclusive teaching and learning 00:00:00
Be able to evaluate the delivery of inclusive teaching and learning 00:25:00
3. Understanding Assessment
Understand Types and Methods of Assessment Used in Education and Training 00:15:00
Understand How to Involve Learners and Others in the Assessment Process 00:20:00
Understand the Role and Use of Constructive Feedback in the Assessment Process 00:25:00
Understand Requirement for Keeping Records of Assessment in Education and Training 00:20:00
Micro Teaching
Micro Teaching 00:00:00
Referencing Support
Referencing Support 00:00:00
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